Avid DNxHD Codec???

Hi there, I’m doing some work in After Effects and rendering using Avid DNxHD Codec.
I’m rendering quicktimes with an Alpha channel.
When I view the file in After Effects, it looks fine and I can see that it has an Alpha channel.
I was hoping to be able to bring these files into Blenders Sequence Editor to view together. That’s where the problem begins for me. When I bring the .mov file into the Editor or Compositor, it doesn’t seem to see it’s alpha channel.
Anyone know what I might be doing wrong? Or what I can do right?

DNxHD does not support alpha (AFAIK). The only movie file to do so is Quicktime animation. Otherwise render a PNG frame sequence at 32bit or RGB+A

We’re are getting RGB + Alpha with DNxHD.
There is no problem seeing the alpha in After Effects and in the Avid.
From within AE where you choose the Codec Settings there are options to render with Alpha or no Alpha.

P.S. Yep, just double checked and you can render quicktimes using DNxHD codec with Alpha.

News to me. Blender’s ffmpeg probably doesn’t recognise the extra channel. Sorry

Thanks though.