Avid's FreeDV replacement (based on Pinnacle Studio)

I just happened upon VideoSpin (came up in a Google search), which apparently is Avid’s replacement free offering for the now-no-longer-served FreeDV. Its based upon Pinnacle Studio and seems pretty cool (for a free offering.) Those of you who have used Pinnacle Studio in the past will recognize the basic components of the software. It is ad-ware (a panel in the center of the interface rotates Pinnacle/Avid ads) and feature-limited and you have to give them an email address at install and its a huge download (150MB) but

What you get:

  • The basics of the excellent pinnacle studio editor - which includes: one video track, one text/graphic overlay track, two audio tracks, a collection of pretty good transitions (including the basic cross-fade and Fade-to-black-to-next), text overlay (titles) editor, screen capture / image importer, and other stuff.

  • The pretty good timeline editing of PS - things like: cutting/scaling, transitions, etc. (altho the scrubber performance wasn’t that great - okay, tho if you’re patient) Note that transitions work on text overlays, too!

  • DV and MJPEG codec support (others, like MPEG-2 and MPEG4 can be purchased separately, only trial versions are included) and whatever else is installed on your system that you can get to work.What you don’t get (from a quick test/overview):

  • The “scalable” interface: It opens at a fixed size with a pretty small preview screen. This may be a killer for some users, but at least you get to test out the basic Pinnacle Studio editing interface for which you can spring the $$$ if you like it enough.

  • Lots of codec support - not that great in PS anyway. Its best used as a DV editor.

  • DVD (with menus) creation/authoring (?)

  • FX stuff. Won’t be missed by me.

  • Others ??? (like timescaling, color correction, filters etc - forgot to check)Anyway, its like getting to test out PS for free. I botched together some clips I had lying around to test it out and ran a MJPEG of the results and it looked pretty good (altho the aspect ratio was funky and it had a bit of a vertical jump (like a pixel-shift) at the beginning and end of transitions - something I’d noticed using PS nearly a year ago. I’m surprised to still see it there.) If you got the bandwidth and a “trash” email account, I’d say go for it. Can’t hurt, eh?

Post your gripes here about it for the benefit of the community, tho! :evilgrin: