avocado branch

what happened to this project i dont find any info about this branch

as i know avocado is the retopology branch there is any build of this branch

The avocado branch is a bmesh based branch, so it’s probably devs are waiting for bmesh completion before doing anything with it.

Probably is safe to assume that nobody is going to do any work on that branch, at least for 6-8 months more or less from now. (That is: if bmesh can be merged at 2.62. Is possible, but i don’t hold my breath on this).

The last listed build of this branch was done in aug 21. Search for it at graphicall.

The avocado branch is not even close to be finished. I think it died.
Download it from graphicall, and you will see that there’s basically nothing there… Perhaps what the student did was under the hood things?

The avocado branch contains the UV unwrapping tools by Shuvro Sarker (the most developed) and the Mesh editing/retopo tools by Dan Walters.

The UV-unwrapping part is mostly complete i believe, the docs are here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Shuvro/soc2011

The Mesh editing/retopo part is unfinished, and it seems abandoned by the coder. His last mail he mentions that he will resume his work in september, but it seems nothing happened. Maybe somebody can contact him by mail, but is safe to assume that they are waiting for bmesh t be completed, but i don’t think asking them will hurt…