Avoid intersecting particles at birth? (birth in frame 1 exclusively)

Hi there.

I´m wondering how to solve this, I need to create a bunch of static particles over a plane, the birth is done at frame 1, but I need them to be apart one from another at least 3 units, but I can´t find anywhere to define this distance or to delete the invalid particles (the ones wich are inside this 3 units radius).

How can I do this?


Perhaps under Particles Tab > Vertex Groups > Density? Otherwise try an invisible emitter mesh (from verts) with vertices suitably spaced.

Hi LoboTommy.

Thanks for the idea, but this does not work, for a starters I´m already using a distribution bitmat for other reasons, what I need is to have random points on the surface, inside the limits of the distribution map but respecting the needed distance between each point.

Usually,m in other particle engines, what you do is to define a particle size and if something is interpenetrating at birth time, the latest particle that was born is deleted because it is marked as invalid.

Is there something that can be done to reproduce this steps?


check this addon… https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?424739-Addon-Blue-Noise-Particles
It may suit you right away, but if not you can allways look into the code, see how it works and do some changes.

Thanks Secrop!

This fits me perfectly :slight_smile:

Although I was looking for a way to do this without any addon, it will be super useful for production.


I don’t know any other way, except changing the source code.
The current builtin algorithm for placing particles is very old and clumsy. Proabably, it will only change after blender 2.8.