Avoid stretches in UVW

I’m setting up a Spiderman scene and I don’t know How avoiding stretches or seams in my character. I got this issue in both the eyes and the entire body.

I’d like watching some advanced tutorials about, maybe using Photoshop or programs like this, which I don’t know anything.
Thank to all.

You need to place seams to release the “pressure” from areas where the mesh is getting collapsed. For faces, I recommend running a seam up the back of the neck/head that terminates on the forehead.

So I can release pressure, but I make seams.

You have to paint the seams away. That’s what the paint tools and especially the clone tool in Blender is good for. Project painting may also be your friend here.

What do you mean for “paint seams away”?
I’m involving in project painting but I can’t draw Spiderman as real as I want.
My major problem is painting the little hexagons onto the suit, for a more realistic way: if I project the texture up on my model it doesn’t look unrealistic?