Avoiding hollow look with transparent texture

Is there any way to avoid the hollow cross-section when an object has some of it rendered transparent?

Has anyone discovered an easy fix for this, short of creating faces at those vertices?


make sure all your normals are pointing outwards.

and don’t post double :stuck_out_tongue:

The normals are pointing outwards, I don’t think I stated the problem very well.

The object looks hollow because there is no face on its insides. You can see the inside of the object when some of the outsides are made transparent. The only way I see to avoid this is to make a face there.

I hope this helps!

You answered your own question…

" The only way I see to avoid this is to make a face there."

Well, no kidding…I answered my own question.

I’m glad you were here to point that out…might of missed it. Just thought someone with 1200 posts might know of more eleagant way. Instead you pick the obvious.

Unlike csg programs (where objects are descibed mathematically by using boolean operations on primitives) blender has no idea of a “solid” – all it does is render faces. If you want a face to be rendered where you cut your section you have to place it there. There is no elegant way around it. If you wish to play with a csg program google for “brlcad”