Avon Magic Effects concept animation

I’ve made concept animation of the Avon Magic Effects nail polish for my new project The Light Hill, which you can check out here http://thelighthill.com/

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Project Behance:https://www.behance.net/gallery/42221769/Avon-Magic-Effects




What I don’t like:
-Drop physics: When a drop leaves its original fluid, due to its cohesive force it tends to get a spherical shape as soon as possible. During a short fall, the drop’s shape is very unstable due to air friction, gravity and cohesive forces resulting in a continuous variation between (more or less) a egg shape and a sphere.

  • From the video it seems that this little drop caused a big wave… it’s impossible, expecially with a fluid with a high viscosity. Maybe the drop’s fall and the big wave are not related, but in the video it seems like that. Also I don’t like the sharp transition between the 2 scenes.
  • The bottle falls in a liquid and suddenly it stucks in its position. Too much inconsistent with the rest.
    I think you shouldn’t stop the bottle from going in, you should just make the full animation and then play with fps/speed to slow down the animation during the video editing so to give the beholder the time to focus its eyes on the bottle.

What I like:
Shaders, lighting, still images part (0:07-0:13)

What makes me undecided:

I know it’s impossible that little drop caused big wave… I did this on puprose…
Ye, I should render liquids with more fps.