Just something small I did for fun. My main focus was on the lighting.


Nice shapes and composition.
Very well lit.

How did you achieve the engraved text?

Thanks Anthony. The engraved text was done by a simple displacement map.

Question, what’s the best/fastest way to straighten up the UV map I have in the pic below?


Not my strong suit but I would venture to guess doing a “project from view” operation from an orthographic front view.

This inspired me to fire up Blender, despite a bad cold, and play with UV mapping and displacement. The quickest way I know of to straighten a row of quads like that is, in the UV window, shift-alt-select the a top edge of the row, then flatten them vertically with S Y 0 (enter). Repeat for the bottom row of edges. If adjacent rows are in the way, select them and shove them out of the way. Now I have a problem with the image showing up in multiple places all over the object, not just the chosen area. What is the Cycles equivalent of clip/repeat of the internal renderer’s image texture? Hmmm…

the red lipstick portion is looking light plastic to me. Is it covered and the substance inside, or the substance is what is showing? Perhaps a bit of roughness will do.