AvxSynth - a Linux port of Avisynth


What Is AvxSynth

AvxSynth is a Linux port of the AviSynth toolkit. The objective of the porting effort was to bring the power of AvxSynth into the Linux world. In particular, we are interested in AviSynth as a frame server front-end to the encode step of our Media Pipeline.
Getting Started

To build and run AvxSynth, follow these instructions
Porting Discussion

You can read about the porting effort here.
You can see the status of the built-in function porting here.

Click [Here](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdaQeMcE0UM&context=C49774bdADvjVQa1PpcFPjEU87afkCgg4WN_KrxYQ2 lYo_e_FWKPI=) to see a short video of AvxSynth in action. Or watch in low-res below.


Maybe it’s time for Blender to add import of Avisynth scripts now? FFmpeg can import it without problems. There was some efforts(and a patch) to add it some years ago.