Awake. A game work in progress.

Awake, a beat em up game full of humans, dinosaurs, and aliens.

Awake is a 2 player beat em up game where the players will be able to transport between two different worlds to make progress through a story. The story is not explicitly told, but is discovered through the environments and game play. Since there is a teleport feature, certain obstacles will require the player to jump to a different world to complete tasks to go forward, or just for fun. So on top of beating enemies up, there is a puzzle aspect. The game play will be similar to the Ninja Turtles, BattleToads, and Xmen video games. Side scrolling in 3d on a ribbon.

Seed Story:
The players start in a house where there is a dinosaur being excavated in the front yard. The first player, Erland Libby, is upset that the dig is going to be rained on and goes in to the house to get tarps. He finds one of the residents of the house, Star, upset in the kitchen. She says that her family disappeared in there beds. She is packing a sack of equipment to go searching for them. A commotion happens outside and “Enforcers” are fighting with the other people at the dig site. Star and Erland rush out of the house and go down into the sewer, armed with an assortment of packed items, and some digging tools…

Here is Star, the resourceful housewife seeking to find what happened to her family.

Here is Erland, Paleontologist that just wants to kick butt.

Kitchen Scene:

Getting ready to go to battle against a giant sewer slug:

An enforcer:

I said there would be dinosaurs. Here’s one I made of a corythosaur. Not really game ready, but I found good reference images to work off of in a book.

At this point I am working out the art pipeline. I got a figure from Blend Swap and rigged it and sent it to Unity. Here is a link. Not really ready for the public.

things not created by me.
the robots are both from fightBOT (free) in the unity asset store.
The person is from blendswap but I re-rigged it:

  •                      <b>Name:</b>                          [lowpoly Female base]( 
  •                      <b>Author:</b>                          [jugapugz]( 
  •                      <b>Premalink:</b>                 
  •                      <b>For Blender 2.52 and up.</b> 
  •                      <b>Description:</b>
                      lowpoly base

made by jugapugz

Shouldn’t this be more in the Game Engine Section?

It’s not using the BGE. I’ll edit the post just to focus on art.