Awake : taggara (short animation)

Hello blenderheads!
This is my second serious attempt at animation (I’m not a beginner to 3D, but I just didn’t start animation until recently). I’ve made a lot of mistakes here, but I hope I’ll learn from them next time.
This one is actually based on a dream I had, not a very pleasant one :stuck_out_tongue: .
Unfortunately I couldn’t make a resolution higher than 640x360 due to the time and hardware limits, I hope you’ll like it anyway
oh, and btw “taggara” means “end” in Tamazight :slight_smile:

You’ve done an excellent job. I like the strange mood and lighting. One thing I don’t like is the final part with the blood on the hand. the blood should’ve been spread over the hand more unevenly, not so uniform. That’s my opinion.

Thank you :slight_smile:
And yes, I know what you mean, but honestly I was so tired that I decided to start rendering and go to sleep without really fixing it (it was the last thing I added to the animation)