awaken the hidden Config!

Most users don’t know or use this directory: Blender 2.62\2.62\config
The config folder when created by the user, will save the startup.bend to this location & defaults for the build remain within the build it’s self. That is, wherever you have unzipped Blender will be the default folder path.
This allows, on Windows especially, multiple builds with multiple startups & not using the default installed location at all.
Users\Dad\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.62 remains the default install location.

My proposal is, that the ‘config’ folder be created in svn builds by default.
This can be removed for official releases, then reactivated for svn builds.
I do beleive it should be in the official windows zip by default too.

For users of graphicall & builders, the config folder can be very handy.
i don’t want experimental builds/branches overwriting appdata files, messing with themes, calling wrong addons & other issues windows users must put up with using the appdata.

Try running blender from a flash stick & save your work, only to find it left on the host computor in app data.

For me, this is a practical solution for multiple blender versions.
Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto)

I’d much rather like the possiblity of having the config location be any folder set from within the user preferences, and to have the possibility to check ‘read-only’ from Blender, so no chance of saving over user defaults, and also having the factory defaults option set to load up a specific .blend file.

This way it’s easy to work in a team environment with one standard default to rule them all (standard measurements, fps, render dimensions etcetera etcetera etcetera), also the chance of defining the location of the preset folders would be good too.

That way everything can bet setup in one central location, perhaps on a network server, and all instances of Blender can just pull globally available presets, default setups, and so on from that one location.