The future to our energy crisis, though I haven’t gotten to modeling that part yet ;).
So far I’m just beginning and only have just the basics, in the image are the counterbalanced platforms that the solar farms sit on, and the lift systems. Will have updates soon.

Watching this one with interest;

At some point you’re going to want to come back and add more polys to those curved surfaces.

Depends whether or not I can see the edges in the curve from far away, I’ll wait until around the end to see if I need to fix that.

'Nother update, slow progress, but it is getting there…
Particles got messed up, for some reason when I add lights, the colors sometimes get really dark (2nd pic), I’ll have to fix that, also, the shield materials are temporary and need major improvements.

'Nother update but not a lot… I added the vertical shields to a pivotal track, and started the casing for the wires in the floor. Also played around with the color a little bit :p.

Some screenshots…

Its looking good, I have no crits other than you are putting a nice level of detail into everything (not all my crits are me saying you need to might want to change something).

This is reallly nice i like it alot…cant weait to see more :smiley: