Awareness Plane

Hey, I had this posted in my newly revived WIP thread, but PlantPerson told me to post it here anyway. Here it goes.

I have a Bot with a plane that is scaled up a lot. Collision on the faces are turned on, and ghost is turned on too. I have it parented to my bot, and I want it to be the awareness box, so that when it touches something, the bot springs into action. When I add even a collision sensor, the plane flies off into oblivion. Is there a way to fix this?

try the “compound” button, maybe…

This has been mentioned many many times before.

Actor ghosts and added objects dont play nice, it is a bug in bullet that has yet to be fixed.

I ran into that collision bug awhile back. The only way I can think of to get around it is to parent an empty to the bot instead. Then use python to set the position/orientation of the plane to the position/orientation of the empty.


Whoa! I just think I just fixed it. I think that just putting the pane as part of the mesh anyway would solve the problem. Thanks for the support.

EDIT: Oops, no, I didn’t fix it.

I’m a python noob, but how do I set the perimeters of the empty of being where I want them to be?