Away For The Moon!

My last project
How is it???


pretty cool just a few things though. itd be cool if the flames coming out the back looked like real big muscular (?) flames… right now they just kind of look like sparks. 2. i dotn really know exactly what you were going for so it might not be what you want but shouldnt there be stars in a black background?other than that i really like it. good work XD keep it up

tell me waht you think about that version
personal i liked more the first version


You should change the texture of the planete to Sphere instead of Plane

its allready a sphere and not a plane
meybe u thought so because its shadeless

No, he thought so because Antarctica is five times bigger than it should be. =p

Remove the galaxy directly in front of the rocket and Earth- there wouldn’t be one there in real life.

I think the rocketship was leaving the planet because it was becoming uninhabitable from the ice, no?

“its allready a sphere
its allready a sphere and not a plane
meybe u thought so because its shadeless”

Um guys…i think he meant change the mapping of the texture to sphere instead of plane. he isn’t saying your planet is a plane instead of a sphere. Maybe i’m wrong though.

im made a fix for earth texture(and now it isnt the"ice planet")


Much better :slight_smile:
Looks colourful. But the sparks look off-perspective. Like they’re kinda coming out sideways.

How Is It Now??


The texture is much better (now you can rotate the planet !(ONLY IFNYOU LIKE))

That is one phallistics little rocket. Very pulp in the appearance, but could you change the color of the head cone? Though I think the rockets have always been a bit too obvious even in ye olde times of pulp sci-fi.

u mean its should be more toonish or more like sci-fi?
(by the way i pretty finish with that project and im workin “the golden shot”) but i will update this if it really nececery(my english suck):smiley:

No, I mean it looks like a penis. But then again most pulp rockets with in this style look like that.

I don’t mind the red cone, though the jaggies could be fixed.

And why do people compare so many things to private body parts (like that rocket):rolleyes: