Awesom-O Project

Because I’m a huge South-Park fan, I wanted to make Awesom-O in 3D. :cool:
This is my reference image: :wink:
This is what I made: :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is really finished, Maybe some details…? :rolleyes:
I dont know… C&C Please! :smiley:

If you want more detail, maybe start with the cardboard. While brand spanking new cardboard boxes look quite smooth, as they go through use you start to see the impression of the corrugated layer (a sort of stripe-like pattern), and there might be a crease or two here and there, and fraying at the corners.

It looks great! I am super impressed man. Yes, as stated, you may want a bit more linear texture on the cardboard as seen in the real picture. Other than that…you have really made an impressive piece! Again, I am very impressed!

Yeah, Im not that good when it comes to textures :stuck_out_tongue: .
But I will try as hard as I can and hope that you guys like the result! :smiley:
Greetz, Nick :slight_smile:

Haha! I made a little mistake… :confused:
Awesom-o isn’t finished yet, I searched on Google and saw that he also had some boxes at the side of his head and an antenna :eek: !
(look at reference picture)
This is the finished awesom-o (still got texture problems…:frowning: ):

I will try to make some lines in some grafical program (hope it works:rolleyes: )
I tried to use the wood texture(the lines) but those aren’t horizontal lines.
Greetz, Nick

Okay, The wooden lines did actually work!:slight_smile: Just had to click on some weird things.:stuck_out_tongue:
I now use a Nor. map of 0.150 What do you guys think…? more or less…? or is it enough :smiley: ?
I did a little post-pro with Photofiltre so It was a little sharper(doesn’t look sharp… because of the OSA…?:confused: ) and I added more colour into Awesom-O. :cool:
This is the render:

Greetz, Nick (again)

That’s awesome. And man do I love that episode!

Yes, yes that episode is cool and The Southpark too, will you share the model with us once you finish it?? It has nice potential :smiley:

Yes! :smiley:
Ofcourse I will share the .Blend file! :slight_smile:
But where can I upload it…? :confused:

Check out this article for a place to upload Blender stuff:

Okay! Thanks! :smiley:
Here is the file:
You can use it on other websites if you want but only if something as:
Made by: NickBeBinkNL
Is next to the file or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun with this (pretty easy) blender file and I hope that you guys can learn of it!
If you have any questions, Just ask me! :smiley: