Awesome Coloured Smoke Animation (Blender Test)

This is my first time a smoke simulation so id appreciate feedback, please subscribe and check out my other blender related videos:) I am aware that this is unrealistic but I was going for a sci-fi effect :slight_smile:

You would have better luck posting in the Blender Tests forum…There isn’t anything to critique here ^.^

I’m just starting to experiment with multicolored smoke. I wanted to make something like The Motara Nebula in Star Trek II: TWOK.
What is the best way of making smoke, specifically two separate clouds of smoke that slowly come together, with two different colors of smoke? Is it best to use two different colored lights inside the two smoke clouds? Who knows?
EDIT: Nevermind. Gottfried at Blender Diplom did an awesome tutorial on just how to do it.