awesome minecraft gameplay!!

of M.A.C Round Productions

check out this gameplay video in which some friends and I are playing in

and subscribe to cmdr_steve! and me! to keep the animations/videos/gameplay…etc. coming/going

Shameless self-promotion HO!

Nah I’m kidding, keep advertising your stuff so it get’s picked up.
But I just have to know, why in the world’s name is your camera so shaky and trippy.
It’s interesting at times but it’s so damn obnoxious 90% of the time.

I also suggest that your friends get better microphones or connections, because 1 of em is barely audible (unless that was your intent from the start ofcourse).

I’mma sub and like to see where you’re going with this, and to show my support.

haah ya :).

Well I think its because Cmdr_steve edited it in the youtube video editor.

sometimes youtube will say that your video is shaky when its really not…

Thanks man!

thanks for your support! we appreciate it!!

-bshep(aka tsgtjackson)

video is private

what? its private!?