Awesome monkey

The second of my tin-toy series…

This one is based on a Toply design with some personal modifications such as suit and face.

Some tech notes:

-rendertime: almost 3 hours
-fake glossy using a dense bumpmap (cloud procedural) to simulate the blurry reflections…“Nobump” actived to avoid cache computing the bump…thanks to _bert for this magical tip :slight_smile:


That’s an excelent render. Very realistic. The composition, background, lighting are all perfect. The details on the model are great, but I’m not sure I like the model itself.

Yes I have to agree…Photorealism here. The model I feel reminds me of the 1940’s or 50’s. I think you did a great job…no crits here.

Very nice render! The colours and textures look great, and I especially like the background look.

I like it, I like it… reminds me of a tin monkey I saw once…
Yeah, how did you do the background/foreground transition? It’s very nice… does it involve mist? (or does yafray support that??:()
Nice idea for glossiness too. Gotta try that myself.:wink:
Do you plan on updating this?

You can tell you’ve done a fantastic job when criticisims are for very tiny or subtle features!

The front view of the monkey’s t-shirt. The specular reflections make it look like the shirt’s wrinkled (as it should be were it fabric) but isn’t it painted on a smooth surface? Or does the painted t-shirt contain ‘fake’ specular highlights to look more wrinkled (in which case - brilliant attention to detail!!!)

You nail the old toy feeling every time. Great texture work.


I like the way the ‘paint’ doenst line op at the rims of the metaparts. Really adds something to the realism.

Ha, incredible. There are so many awesome pr renders aroud here, they get me everytime…

Thanks for your replies guys.

blenditall: not mist used, it’s just the floor that it’s curved to the upper side. I’m triying to simulate some kind of light studio setup.

Nice work! I like those assembly mistakes that old plastic models have

Great Dude! Mesh, Materials and Lights…

you make me sick.

five stars

That’s lovely, I rated Excellent (5 stars :)). The render is awsome and the magic trick works great indeed.