Awesome New Beginner Tutorial Series! Please Share!


I’m happy to announce that I’ve completed a video training series for absolute beginners with blender. I’m confident this is the best learning resource for beginners with blender in the universe. It took me 6 months full-time to produce and I learned a ton doing it.

If you are new to CG or blender, or know someone who is, please check out the series here:

You’ll learn:

  • to download, install and run blender on any platform.
  • terms related to the user interface, how to modify the layout of the UI, and how to save in every way.
  • how the coordinate system works in blender, how navigation in the 3D viewport works and about the six default shading options in blender.

More info:

  • The series contains 14 videos, between 4 and 12 minutes long.
  • The videos are based on rock-solid teaching methods like scaffolding, spaced repetition, and multiple intelligences.
  • Each video has very high production quality; graphics, animations, sound effects and transitions all made with blender.
  • Every video begins with a bit of trivia about blender and the blender community to encourage newcomers to become involved themselves.
  • Every video ends with a simple challenge meant to reinforce what they just learned.

About me:

I am a high school English teacher based in Canada. I took the past year off to make the series and plan to make more videos as I can. I’m really passionate about Blender which has been a long-time hobby of mine and I love to teach.

very high production quality

You are green in the video.

You are green in the video.

Sorry! When I began the series I was still struggling with the ‘infinite white’ setup and made some mistakes with setup; the best I could do to correct it in post was what you can see, and I found that monitor color settings have a big impact on that particular video. But luckily the quality improved, and I think what I said stands, if you compare it to other CG tutorials. Camera work is just one part of production.

Thanks for your feedback!