Awesome Opensource SVG stuff!

You guys have gotta check this stuff out… it rocks:

Inkscape is a SVG Editor that rules:

and a bitmap->SVG convertor!


yes, Inkscape is very cool and the later builds are stable on windows. some quite unique features and great looks. and it has potrace integrated (less options than delineate would offer but more convenient and stable). and remember Gimp2 imports SVG from Inkscape - both as graphics and paths

sodipodi, scribus are inkscape’s relatives, notice sodipodi won’t work with the latest gtk+

can Flash import inkscape drawings?
Because the school at my computer has flash but I cant afford to buy it. So, I just take my drawings to school and mess with them there.

inkscape is very good software - especially the CVS version which supports text on a curve.

Delineate looks good too


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