Awesome sauce / condensation test

Hi there.
I had a tremendous amount of fun with Cycles during the last few weeks, so I decided to do a little fan art. And since I also needed a testing object for a “water droplets with normal maps”-technique I went with a fictive bottle product shot.

Obviously I could have used more diligence while painting the normal map - it’s too coarse, too repetetive and looks plain weird in some areas -, but overall I’m quite content for a first try. I think I will have to combine it with the “hair droplets”-technique for the bigger drops, but I was after those tiny micro droplets which would require a hilarious amount of particles to look right. Memory footprint of this technique is quite low (never exceeded 120 MB), but renders rather slowly - but that could be the material settings.

Will further finesse this after christmas - still don’t have all of the presents…:eek:
Merry Christmas everyone!

(Link to lossless PNG)


Looking nice. Waiting to see the final version. Merry Christmas! :eyebrowlift:

Cool fan art. You might like to add some droplets like in Andrew Price’s “How to Make a Rainy Window” tutorial?

Thanks for the kind words!

I plan to! That’s the hair/particle method I mentioned earlier. That’s a fine technique for the bigger drops, but imho a realistic condensation would also require quite a whole lot of close-packed “micro droplets”. To get them with Mr. Price’s method the particle count would have to be so freakishly high that my system would go down on its knees soon enough.

Therefore I tried to adapt this technique to Blender. Unfortunately hand painting those normal maps is more elaborate than I thought (and than it looks in that video!) and if I spend any more time on this before Christmas, the missus is going to nag…:wink:
For some reason the droplets turn out rather dark in shadowy areas - might be the material setup. Will have to investigate that further!