Awesome Store for Students

I was recently reading through stuff on Cgtalk, and came across

To list some prices they have:
3D Max 8:
Original Price:$5091
New Price:$479.95

Maya 7 Unlimited:

Photoshop CS:

Painter 9, plus Star Wars Artbook (Who could live without one right?
:stuck_out_tongue: )

Ok, so this is starting to sound like a bad car advertisement, but you get the point. Unfortunately, its only available to students (Full or part-time).

Just thought I’d post an interesting link for all of you cash-strapped, like me, types.

Remember to read the license. Often a student license will award you the right to use the software only for non-commercial purposes.

I’m aware, which is why I don’t generally buy student software if I can avoid it.

Thanks man! :smiley: I’ll keep this in mind!

These stores are really quite common.

Last year, I ordered my full version educational license of LightWave from Studica for only about $250 US. At the time, a commercial license was $1,600 US.

Fortunately, they just lowered commercial license to about $795, and the educational license starts at around $185.

Just got Rhino3d (nurbs modeler that is really smokin’) for 150USD at

Really awesome, if only blender could import the nurbs solids and surfaces! I hate having to convert my models to meshs and export each part of the model individually to get somewhat clean meshes…