Awesome - Theme for Blender 2.8

I think this is the best theme!

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Thanks… :smiley:

Super happy with this theme! Did anyone come up with some pleasing colors for the icons that’d work in conjunction with this theme?

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Thank you! its amazing view.

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Lol, of course it works. The problem is in the latest Blender build, it crashes when you switch themes.
I saw some bug reports about it already.
Just wait until the Blender developers fix it. :wink:

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The latest build fixed the crashes. We’re back in business. :metal:

Nice improvements on the animation editors!

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Theme updated due to recent changes in 2.8 :+1:


Thanks buddy.

Anyone could made this looks like apple style blender theme ??? I really love it .

Thank you !!!

Where did you get this screenshot? This is awesome…although I imagine things are hard to see

Much better than the high contrast default! :slight_smile:

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My thoughts exactly. hahahah

This is from a transportation designer Rashid Tagirov, i think its default blender light theme, but if you find something cool theme, please let me know

LOL… Wax, I came here to ask for an update and you already did it. :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Yo Wax, thanks for that. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it was added recently… :wink:

Little update… :slight_smile:

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This theme is now shipping with Blender 2.83, under the name of “Deep Grey”
(The “Awesome” name was too awesome to be included in Blender… :smile:)

The link in this thread will continue being updated tho…