Awful lighting effect on model?

Anyone know how to avoid getting these terrible lighting effects on models?
Is there a setting in the materials, or even the lamps to remove it?

The cause is most definitely my poor modeling, the wireframe would consist of many diagonal lines :S
Anyone know a way around this?


The Edge-split modifier works in the game engine, use that if you need to have smooth and flat areas on the same model.

Thank you very much :]
Looks a lot better now!

Also just a heads up, if you plan on putting a normal map on it eventually (no guarantee that you will, but they’re common in games nowadays and they’re a great way to refine the appearance of a shape and add detail without much of a performance hit) it’s better to have at least a small bevel on corners that are near or sharper than 90 degrees, which should also clear up the shading issues without having to split edges. The tradeoff is you use more polygons, but the increase in visual quality is worth it, I think.