Awkward smile is awkward: my 3rd model

Hey guys, this is my 3rd model and my 4th month of 3d modeling. Please, do your worst and tear apart my model. He’s giving an awkward smile.

I forgot to mention the differences between the two models.

The top one has a strand renderer disabled as well as a different texture on the eyelids.



Thanks kindly! I definitely had an inner debate about the eyelids many a time. I’m glad to know you like them. (I debated myself over whether or not to connect them to the mesh, but in the end i have no idea. I don’t know how it’ll look after animation until it’s done.)

To me, the realistic teeth look a bit creepy with the stylized face. Possibly the lips, but mainly the teeth. I’m kinda getting used to it the more I look, but “first impressions” and all that.
It looks like you’ve had some really good progress in 3d during those few months… but if you want useful technical feedback for an animation model, it’s all about the wireframes:)

There needs to be some additional separation of the lips. The corners should be drawn back from the side view so that they conform more to the head.

I really like this style. Really looking good.