Awsome Fake Bump Mapping Instructions!!!!

Ok i figured this out today (im using photoshop 7.0 so if you dont have it this will be a little harder) first what you do is you make ur texture in a normal RGB setting, then you copy and paste that texture in a new window with a gray scale setting so the texture is gray, then u copy and paste the original texture in a bitmap which should have a lil bit of coulour or noise change. Then you have 3 different couloured textures like the picture below
If the picture doesent show up copy and paste this address in ur address bar:

After you have that u copy the bitmap image and paste it in the original RGB images box and set the transparency to about 5-10% then you take the grayscale and copy and paste it into the RGB texture box and set the transparentcy from 50-80% ill let you judge on what percent looks best! then copy the grayscale again and paste it in the original RGB box and make sure its a lil off so its like a shadow then make its transparentcy/opacity to what you think is best!
I did this whole thing with my box texture and the results were excellent!

Heres the result!

The qualitys a lil crappy cuz i saved the image in low quality so it wouldent be hard to view for you dial up ppl! :smiley:
If the image doesent show up copy and paste this address into your address bar:

Bi :smiley: [/img]

Nice, Blende! :slight_smile:

why not just make a layer with the texture and add a shadow feature to whatever is raised? -sorry just dont get why you are pasting back and forth to new windows? try some photoshop tutorials.

think there used to be some good ones out by DocOzone - do a google search.