Axe-like scythe thingy (update)

well, I didn’t get any more critique in the critique forum, and I don’t know what else to do to it, so I’m calling this one finished.

New image with better lightning (IMO)
Render time 24:28.51

Nice! i like the cartoonish look! but what’s that black thing that the axe is stuck in?

I have no idea, that’s how it appeared in the scene where I first saw it

(still no guesses from where it is?)

That reminds me of the weapons on legend of zelda wind waker but looks totally different awesome job(just say its some tar shhhhh lol)

Smells Buffy the vampire slayer. Lights could be alot better imo.

Marsan, that’s correct, and I’ll try to render one with better lightning when I get home


falls over and cracks head open

that is rendered with ao and 16 samples


huh… ok.

Could’ve fooled me too…16 samples? Really?

I love the modeling, but the lack of decent environmental lighting suppresses the enjoyment of it. I’d love to see this done with something other than just a spot.

Yeah, if you do have AO on, then at least give us a good three-point lighting set up so we can see it.

Ok, I think this project is going back to the wip stage :smiley:

I’ll continue to post the updates in the wip forums under the same topic.