Axe-like scythe thingy

Anyone recognize it?

There’s still some messiness at the lower end of the blade, I’ll try to get rid of that, and then add some holes to the shaft, then I think it’s time for texturing.

Any crits?


did some texturing. I’m having problems with adding some dimples to the shaft, it messes up the smooth.


I like it a lot but it looks like it would only be good for display, not for fighting due to the placement of the grip. It seems that any character swinging it would impale their self with the sharp end of the hilt.

Ok, I made some final adjustments for the textures, and I managed to add the dimples to the shaft. Next step: creating a scene


If this is a high-quality render model, try to make more polys for the blade curve.

ok, so I added quite a lot of polygons to the blade, and I think it’s a lot better now, I also made the dimples on the shaft slightly yellowish, as in the original (still no guesses where it’s from?)

Anyway, any more ideas on how to improve it, or do you think it’s ready for a scene?.


I made a quick scene with the weapon. any crits?


the attachment wont open, it says theres an erroe
but i love it! very fansty

ok, the reason you couldn’t open the attachment is probably that I was editing the post and changed the image to a better one. It should open ok now

One, comment is that This Is Awesome!!! And oh yah, I think the scene might look better if you had a spotlight on the axe/sythe/halberd/polearm/pollaxe/whatever, but that’s just me.
Keep up the great work!!


Ok, I added a spot and a crack in front of it so it’s seems like the light comes through a crack in the cave.


Very, very cool. It’s looking great, but as the guy before said, useless in a large battle. Would have to be swung more like a sythe than an axe due to the grip placement. and history has taught us, all that will do is hack to peices the ally standing next to you. play merry hell with the enemies moral though.

Is that by any chance the axe from the last series of Buffy? looks familar :slight_smile:

great work though

yeah, it’s from Buffy (I’m a big fan)

Here’s a new render, I already posted in finished works, but decided to keep trying to make the lightning better, so any comments/critique is welcome. I removed the smooth from the rock in the center to make it look more real. Maybe I should add some small rocks on top of that one? Also removed the halo and added 2 more spots

Also this is with AO and only one sample.

ok, I changed the lightning completely, and I decided to light up the cave with a torch

Tell me what you think. Too dark?

Nice scene, but yeah, I can hardly see it if I don’t turn up the brightness on my monitor.

Ok, I turned off one of the lights when playing around with the shadows, and apparently I forgot to turn it back on. Anyway, here it is with all lights on

looking nice but that flame looks…plastic

hey quick question, i know this has probably been answered in the tutorial forum, but i couldnt find it. How do u apply 2 different “materials” to the same object? if it is even possible? could some1 tell me or send me a link 2 the tutorial page?
much appriciated

Ok here goes a mini tutorial:

Assign a material to the object and go into edit mode.
Select the faces you want to have a different material.
In the Editing (F9) Tab find the material slider on the link and Material Panel and press the new button. This will add a second material. (The index on the right will display 2 instead of 1. )
Select the second material (the first number must be 2) using the arrows and press assign button. This will assign the material with index 2 to the selected faces.
You can assign up to 16 ( this is the upper limit I think but go check the documentation at for details) materials to a object like this.

It’s still a bit too dark, I would be happy if I could see just a bit more detail in the blade and the handle. Maybe make what light there is a little more red or orange to give it a torch lit feeling.