Axe-like scythe thingy

read my tutorial ’ making a planetoid ’ in the tutorials section, it will tell you how to combine materials in a very exacting way, provided you know how to UV map. Also, you need to learn particles to do the flame properly. I don’t know if there’s a good tut out there for particles or not, but there should be something in the docs, and you can get some examples, that are from older versions, of various particle fire effects at ‘michaels blends’ if it’s still around, and I think there’s a tut at @ndys site ( mindfields ).
(edit) also for a really realistic rock texture, try making a displacement map ( very tricky to tune, note: scale of the object affects the displacement, and you need to use multiple subsurf levels, to get the mesh resolution high enough )
btw, I am not talking about the displacement modifier, but the displacement function that is accessed through materials / texture buttons.

ok, I made the image still brighter, and made the lights more orange

ty musk!
i used it in my new zombie model