Axes changed when I "tumbled" object!

This sounds liked something I think I should be worrying about. I added a cylinder and turned it on its side to work on it. Well, I was surprised when the object’s axes tumbled with it! Now the object’s axes are different from the world’s axes! Is there a way to keep that from happening?

Any help will be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Rotate in edit mode not object mode or if you do rotate in object mode reset the rotation with Ctrl+A / Rotation

Thank you. Rotating in edit mode works. I tried rotating in object mode again just to try and duplicate what happened before but it didn’t happen 'til I used the mirror modifier.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by "CTRL+A/Rotation. Press CTRL+A? And then what? :slight_smile: At any rate, the problem is solved.