Axes when using Track To and Follow Path to the camera

This probably is a very novice question… but the axes are difficult to understand. Suppose that the camera and the object are like the first image. And I want to move the camera along the path like the second image. I want the camera to always seeing the object, and the camera’s UP is the same on the path like the third image. What axes do I need to set in the constraints tab as in the fourth image?

Attaching the sample project in case that is needed: cameratest.blend (233.1 KB)

Actually you need to put your Track To constraint below the Follow Path, and to bring back the camera to the beginning point, select it and alt G

Thanks. It works except that the camera’s upside seems to be always the upside of the world (global Z, I guess). Is it very difficult to make the upside of the camera aligned to the path? Like the bottom part of the image below?

I don’t know if there’s an automatic way to do it, maybe switch the Track To space value from World to Local, and rotate the camera along the curve with shapekeys (Y rotation value)?

The Track to constraint needs be set up as if the viewport world is Y-up instead of Z-up. In other words, set Up to ‘Y’ and To to ‘-Z’.

Just one of Blender’s peculiarities.

No, it isn’t, whilst I hesitate to disagree with my esteemed peers here, maybe use this method:

Blend file: camera.blend (541.4 KB)

Cheers, Clock. :smile:

could you please test on his curve, Damped Track seems to make the camera rotate 360° on itself…

Will do a bit later, does he have any unapplied rotations anywhere, these are a common cause of this type of behaviour…

no it happens even after applying rotations

Merde! and other such swear words, leave it with me… Did you check Follow Curve checkbox? and Fixed Position and DON’T click Animate Path…

it doesn’t change anything either

This is better, but I m not entirely convinced yet:

cameratest.blend (233.1 KB)

I will look again later on today, must do some painting now…

texture painting I hope!

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No! an old hand drawn seed drill from the 1900’s…