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Here’s something something I made: battleaxes. Took roughly two blender shifts to complete. :slight_smile:

Made with Blender 2.56, textures created with the Gimp.


Looks really nice. But the first thing which captures my attention is the low resolution of your floor :frowning: Everything else looks great. I’m surprised why you aren’t getting many comments.

he’s not getting comments cause nobody has nothing to say, it’s amazing, nothing to critic.
and, amazing textures in the axes, you picked up a image or made it by yourself? painting?

Thanks man, and you’re right, I must have scaled the uv too much down when I tried to get the scaling done, and never really noticed the quality difference between the floor and the blade. But note that the DoF probably exaggerates the difference. Thanks for the comment! And I think rosinho’s right, no comments on these forums mean no critic to be given, which is a good thing obviously :slight_smile:

Yes, I painted the scratches and grunges and created color, reflection and normalmaps. :wink: