Axis Alignment Question

Currently when I clear all rotations of my model his front is pointing up on the z axis. Is there any way I can change that so his front is pointing in the Y or -Y axis?



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Either rotated the mesh in Edit mode or Rotate it in Object mode and then press Ctrl-A to apply rotation. Either of these options should result in the mesh retaining the rotation you give it.

Thanks, that worked! I can now alt-r and not have it move back on me. When I hit alt-g to clear location it still moves it a different location on me. Any idea how to stop that from happening?

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I believe the Alt-G will always place the object center back to x,y,z = 0,0,0. So the only way to move the mesh to a new location, that would not reset, would be to move the mesh in Edit mode. This will leave the center (pink dot) at 0,0,0. You could also move the mesh in Object mode and use the Center Cursor option to change the center to the 3D cursor (which is by default at 0,0,0). Just keep in mind, lots of tools in blender work off of the center point of your mesh, like the Mirror modifier.

Do you think it would be easier for me to leave the center of my models at 0,0,0 during modeling and rigging then?

I would think so. It seems every tutorial I have seen on rigging has the model and armature centered at 0,0,0.