Axis Constrain with MMB

Hey guys, I’m trying to constrain a scale with my MMB, but it will only constrain on my X axis. I try to constrain on my Y axis but still only my X is constrained.

Here is my process:

A, S, MMB, drag vertically or horizontally.

First move the cursor a bit in Y direction and press MMB afterwards.

Get the Tuhopuu and hit X, Y or Z while moving for constraint to a global axis. Hit it twice to constraint to a local axis.

So there’s hope.


What is teh Tuhopuu ? :expressionless:

IamInnocent: coming to a Blender 2.3 near you :smiley:


Mmmmm, 2.3.

I guess that there is no snapshot of a pre-release of an announcement of the functions that will make it in there yet ?

It would be nice to be able to lock the transformation accordingly to the view too…



Not a lot of new functions are awaiting you, unfortunately… just a few GUI changes (more clicks to get less done), new constraints from theeth, and mesh editing undo from me :slight_smile:

you forgot the knife tool and loop cutting/select
numerical input
vertex snapping
new mirror function