Axis Control?

Can someone give me the basics of controling the axis?

Particularly the axis that each individual object seem to have.


The view (ie. top, front, or side, etc) in which you add the object will determine the orientation of the object’s axis.

You can activate ‘Axis’ in the ‘Draw Extra’ section of the ‘Draw’ panel which is in the Object Buttons Window to display the object’s axis.

If you add your object in the top view, you will see that its axis will conform to the Global axis system (which is one of the reasons why when you start Blender, the default view is the top view).

Of course, if you spin the view around arbitrarily and then add the object, the axis will match the ‘arbitrary’ view orientation.

Is there a exact way to control your view angle?

Also, how do you rotate the axis once it’s in place?

other than rotate the view? no, not really

you rotate the contents of the object, and rotate the object back

you can clear the rotation of an object (and scaling) while keeping the positions of the verticies with control+a (apply deformation)

it is possible to do something odd with this to move the axis as you would like

what are you trying to do exactly?

Actually, CTRL-A is “Apply Size/Rot”, not “Apply deformation”.

And it’s generally better to create an empty as a parent to the object. Much easier way to align an object’s axis – just create a new one :slight_smile: