axis in maya?

ok so i’ve installed maya but when i follow along the tuts to get familiar with their tools i run into a snag. when you resize the axis comes up but the arrow and box that are supposed to be at the end are totally off screen so i can’t use them no matter how wide i scale the view. how can i get them into view?? must be a setting somewhere but can’t find it. this will really help with deformers! help make me sane, thanks

When the transformers are on there is also a box at the center of the object that lets you move in all axis’s, if you’re in the four view mode then you should be able to move the object back in one of the views until you can see the whole tool in a different view. Spacebar toggles between multi-view and single screen view, depending on which window the curser is in. I don’t know what your problem is exactly, I’m not able to make it happen on my system.

the tool handles! that’s what they are called. no matter how i view it zoomed in or zoomed way way out they are always off sceen. the red blue and green lines are there yes but the handles are no where to be seen. the lines just go right to the edge of the view port. i’ve looked in the display menu but haven’t found anything on handle length or the like. i can type in the amount i like on the right but i would like more artistic control.

any help would be greatly appreciated and am glad some people are willing to help even in a blender forum :c)

found my godsend!!! hit the minus key about 6 times and there they are! back to poly land :c)

Now that you found that out, I notice that you can click on the line to make the transform you don’t need to click on the arrow 8) Thanks for the info. :smiley:

i knew this as well but if you can’t see the arrow you can’t get to the scale modifier in the transformation tool! all is well and good now and it’s starting to go rather fast - sadly a little faster than blender even with all the clicking that would normally be done with hotkeys. looks like i found my new toy

It is a nice program, very feature rich. But I don’t think I’ll run out and buy the full version any time soon.