Axis Lines always bright

I haven’t used Blender much this year. Last year I accidentally found a way to make the Axis Lines always bright whether locked or unlocked. Now I want to go back to the regular way of having them bright only when locked, but can’t find out how to do that.

When I reset the User Interface Theme to default, that did what I want but I will loose all the custom settings I made if I save the theme and that isn’t a good thing. I can’t find any option in the User Interface Theme that would cause the Axis Line to always be bright.

I have looked everywhere and tried everything I can think of, but now I give up. Can someone tell me how to do it?


User Preferences/ Theme/ User Interface near the bottom.

Edit: Although this is probably the wrong answer since I don’t know what you mean by locked and unlocked.

I already knew about User Preferences/ Theme/ User Interface.

An example of locked is when you press G then X the mesh object is locked to move only on the X axis.

I just found out what was causing the problem. Last year I set the grid to almost white (User Prefs/Themes/3D View/Grid) and this setting was drastically changing the brightness of the axis lines even when no axis line was locked. In other words, the almost white grid color was making the axis lines just about their brightest. To get back to the way things were originally, I selected black 0-0-0 for the grid color. Try it yourself and you will see exactly what I mean.

Thanks for your reply,