Axis Locking Modes not working

Lets grap a face and press g and one of the axis. That still works but in 2.79 you could press the axis again and now locked it along the normals.

Is that gone or a bug because pressing one of the axis two times will do nothing and its still locked to global axis. Only when you press it the third time its unlocked.

Its just strange to me or i missed it that such a useful feature is not there anymore?

The blender manual is describing it but for me its not working.

In 2.79, constraining a second time constrained not along the normals, but along the selected transform orientation, and unlocked on third press (one - global, two - selected orientation, three - no constraint).

In 2.8x, the first two are now reversed. First press constrains to selected orientation, second - to global, and third disables the constraint.

So in order to have different constraints you need to select the orientation to work in. The only difference there is that in 2.79 it was used on the second press, and in 2.8x - on the first.

In both versions constraint can be cleared by pressing C key without having to tap x/y/z two more times.

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Now it makes sense. Thanks.

But why is it changed? For me its way better the other way… First global than special…

I don’t know the why, but to me actually the new behavior is more appealing: when I do use an orientation other than Global, I prefer quicker access to it (fewer keypresses). Muscle memory readjusted rather quickly (perhaps in part because I’ve always wanted it to work like that).

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