Axis locking vertices?

Is there any way to lock specific vertices on a certain axis? I’m making something and I only want to move/scale on global x and z. I know it’s possible to do shift+y for a given transform, but doing that every time is a little tedious, and if I forget once, I have to backtrack a lot to fix it, or check from another perspective every time I move anything. Is there any way to just prevent vertices moving on that axis at all ?or any given axis

You could scale in ObjectMode and thisway locking whatever axis via the TransformPropertiesPanel.
Applying scale/Rotation afterwards with Ctrl+A and 1.

But object mode isn’t useful for moving and rotating specific vertices, only for full meshes.

Sorry, so I misunderstood you.
In Edit Mode I think the only trick is the Shift+axis Key for locking, as you mentioned before.

in the tansform panel you can loack the axis by cliking on the lock
at left on theppaenl

see pic


That option is only available in object mode… Is there any way to lock specific vertices in edit mode ? Using that doesn’t do it.


There is a way you could do it, but it may not be what yo are looking for. Actually, it is a hook. Take a look at the blend file below.

In general:

Create a cube
Create an empty
Add a limit location constraint to the empty - for instance, in the example, I have constrained the empty to move in the X axis only, minimum location 0, maximum location 5.
Now, select the empty, and shift select the cube.
Tab into edit mode, select the verts you want to limit movement to, then spacebar…edit…vertices…Add Hook…Add to selected object (Ctrl h for shortcut).

It will limit the movement of the verts, but in object mode, not in edit mode.
It could be done - but that doesn’t mean it will be worth doing.


Best of Luck!

in edit mode you can restraint to an axis the movement of the vertex if you use the widget
but youc an change the pivot also !
i’m not certain if there is some keys to restraint on ai for moving a vertex but there is for scale you can do S-Key then the axis yo want to restraint X or Y or Z

hope it helps


I think this could be done with script linking.