Axis orientation question

Quick question regarding how to change the orientation of the Axis in Blender. I probably hit a key in error, but I was trying to constrain an extrusion to the Z axis and get this angled orientation. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong. Did I hit a key that changes the orientation of the axis? Thanks for the time and information.


since you’re in grab mode, I can’t see in the header what orientation you’re using.

But it should be in the dropdown list at ‘global’ in this picture (ignore the red arrow). You can choose different orientations there

most likely; accidentally pressed z key more than once and your mesh’s local axis is not aligned to the global axis.

Pressing an axis key for constraint first shows global axis orientation, press it again and you get local axis (if local is not aligned with global), BUT… this action can change depending on what mode you have selected in drop down sago shows in their post.

I think chip hit it on the head. I probably pressed z twice. Thanks gents.