Axis/ plane constraint Middle Mouse button

Is the axis / plane transformation constraint during transforms by pressing the middle mouse button remappable? It does not show up under the ‘Modal transform’ header in the keymap editor, nor am I able to find any entry using the middle mouse button that affects this behaviour. I would prefer to toggle this with my keyboard instead.

It should be toggle with the keys: x,y and z (shift + x,y,z for inverse constrain)

Yes I know. Perhaps I was unclear about this, but I would like to move the middle mouse key configuration (which adheres to moving the mouse in a certain direction) to some other key to toggle it this way. It looks as though this is hardcoded…?

E: The reason for this is that I would like to see to what extent this affects being able to pan/ rotate the viewport by not activating axis constraints. :slight_smile:

Since 2.91 it is possible to add a auto constrain for axes or planes to the transform modal keymap. So now middle mouse button transform function can be mapped to the keyboard.