axis symm not working

I’m trying to stylise a human head - give it more a caricature look but the x axis symmetry aint working which is kinda bugging me. I have the x axis symmetry button pressed in edit and in sculpt the x axis is pressed too but it is not working. Any suggestions?

There is a mirror modifier, have you tried using that?

Could you have your mesh rotated so the X axis isn’t aligned with global X. Try going into Object mode and pressing Ctrl+A to apply rotation and scale. See if this helps.

Well the model is built - i just want to change it from photor realism to styalised. If i use mirror wont that just create a hole load of problems. ie when i use mirror it seems to create another mesh inside the original that i have to delet vertex by vertex. I’m obviously doing somethin wrong! MM is the way to go?

Mirror modifier is usually the way to go, you can even set the distance to merge verticies between the 2 halves.

If you want to use the Mirror mod, go into Edit mode and Box select all the verts just to the left of the Center (X axis). Then when you add Mirror there is no overlap.

Ok mirror modifyer is disaster. T’would probably work if i were just satrting out but the model is complete. And the global positions are correct

So I suppose the question is why don’t the x axis mirror button work?

Okay, here is another guess. If your Object center is outside of the object the X mirror wont work. In Object mode select the object and press Center New.

Na, objects centre is cantered. What the feck???

Well I am out of Ideals. Did you try what me and CD were getting at with Deleting all of the verts on one side of the X axis and then using the Mirror modifier. Of course this only works with a model that is symmetrical on the X axis. Other than that post a link to your Blend so we can take a look at the Model.