axisValues does not work for a seconadary axis.

I have got a script for making an object move, via a joystick axis. it was a 2.49 and i converted it.

I have a gamecube contoller conected to my computer and i want the c axis to work, but whenever i use it it uses the main control stick instead.

Here is the Code

import bge
GameLogic = bge.logic
cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
Axis =  cont.sensors["C"]
A = Axis.axisValues
C1 = cont.actuators["C1"]
print A
if abs(A[0]) <= 4000 and abs(A[1]) <= 4000:
 A[0] = 0
 A[1] = 0
S = .00001
C1.dLoc = [S * A[0],-S * A[1],0.0]

i found out that it added the second axis is added to the same list as the first.