ay? do what now?

Hey guys, Hope everyone having a good Easter. Anyways,I’m following this tutorial, and im stuck in “part3-projecting the images”.
It has the ‘map input’ set to ‘object-plane’ but it never mentioned any plane??

This is what i have so far…
But when i hit bake this happens…

which just completely ruins the whole thing…i’ve bin pondering this for the past hour!!:no:

please help.

edit: grr…what am i doing wrong?

the name of his head model was ‘plane’ … in other wods the object name was obj plane

Hey there, thanks for the reply. Im still not getting it to work though… It still renders just as before with everything skrewd up. And just now it said there is no image to bake with??.

Could you please point me where i have gone wrong.

This is what i did…
First i edited a female face and got the exact proportions of the head render. I opened it in blender from the shadings “material buttons” by making a new object. Then i went into “texture buttons” and loaded the edited image. I set the “texture tab” to load the same image under the “material buttons” section as well.

After that:
Under “Map input” i put the name of the mesh(which i renamed:face) and set it to object.
then did the UV, but saved it blank?..(like it says).
but now when i go into the ‘bake’ section it says no "no image found to bake?’…

where am i going wrong?..

this won’t help with baking but I’ve got to ask … you do have a light in the scene right. Otherwise everything rendered would just be black with the world color behind it. So before I set in and download blender to help … do you have a light source in your scene. Is the light source acting on your object.

hi jessegp, yeah i have a lamp acting onto the object. But at a distance. I need to bring it closer, but the thing is, the eyes in the image are not aligned with the mesh so the whole thing is messed up…

I hope i dont sound confusing…basically, i just want it to be baked onto the mesh like in the tutorial.

hopefully someone can chime in on baking i’ve never had much experience with the newer baking system

you could cilck image in the UV/image editor and select an image that is on your hard drive that you doln’t care about and try baking to it.