Aygul - The Human Project

strugling with my isp + doing other works.
little time to spare on this one:

baked some more stuff
material changes
fixed eyebrows

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What about Hair, Like This - -

Short, a bit spiky And, Wild - -

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and, a little blue sham- rock tattoo, over one ear - –

<3 <3

or, Give her golden eye - color, slightly glowing, Like gold - –

for now I’m stuck at my eye rig. so in the meantime I try to groom several hairs.
Here is one lazy attempt:

@Jasper_Brooks nice hair. I will try it.


removed by popular demand

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well my eyes are like yours with some adjustments:

  • a glass outer layer
  • a soft inner layer with sss
  • a water layer around glass and skin

why? because I think this way it looks nice from front and side. here are some eevee view port renders:

the progress on this is almost near zero. I will pick it up next week maybe.
made changes to skin textures for better view in eevee.
Made shapekeys for iris so they can shrink or get wide.

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removed by popular demand

I’m experimenting with it.
it’s just like a tape around eyes.
yeah have to figure out a way to di it easier

some eevee renders

Textures will be the death of me!

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try in cycles, it makes everything look more realistic.

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some simple armature.

Trying to add multires modifier makes blender crash. any ideas?

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material changes.
added displacement (what took me so long?)
add neck rig

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I think the eyelashes need a bit more love. Looking at reference, the lower eyelashes tend to “fade out” near the tear duct. In addition they’re usually thinner than the upper ones.
Obviously the noticeability of these details vary from person to person, but I feel like they might be worth testing. Good work so far! :+1:

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That’s why I made this topic! Thanks for pointing them out!

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Oh wow haha that came out wrong :confounded: I meant they’re usually more subtle on some people than on others.

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Is there any SSS? And is it at a 1:1 scale? That will fix a lot.

yes and yes.
I don’t want to overdo sss so it only shows itself on some lighting setups.

still lacking a good depth and subderm map though

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Some nice work here!

Have you seen this video:

I found it super helpful when painting my own skin shader. Specific to Substance, but same practices can be carried over to anything else.


ty for the comment! Edited the skin texture. will edit it more. now the eyes are bugging me!

add a little depth to sss

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