Aygul - The Human Project

new render.
I can’t understand why eyebrows don’t bind in render…

Some quick tests in eevee:

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show me your modifier stack…

I think I did long ago but here you go:
arm for basic 3 bone head, neck and base
wrap for eyes

Also eyelashes bind was fixed by making the render and viewport levels the same.

oh ok. i thought it was different.

I like how she looks sad, some-times it’s not about being cool, it’s about being calm, and considerate, a bit nice - -

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I think most important is to make what-ever one thinks is fun, I often make the mistake of wanting something, but not asking my-self, what feels best, for me - - Good work - –

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When I make suggestions, it’s always important to consider, in what way one wants to do it, in what style, what kind of hair, so it feels fun and, relaxed, easy - - I like it now because it’s easy to see the animations and, what you want, it just makes more sense, at least to me, Good job - – Remember, having fun is more important than, Forcing it - -<3

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Improved the eyes + around eyes mesh
Improved eye shader

What do you think of the new eyes?

It’s Eevee btw

Here is an cycles render:

  • edited eye texture. much better now (though the render has low samples! srry.)
  • edited lighting a bit


it’s really well done, Superb work - -

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it has a very unique style, very peculiar and, lovely- – <3 <3<

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I don’t know if it is quite ready, or what you want but, It could be really cool to see an animation now, because it’s easier to make sense of the 3D stuff now, like blinking eye or, some-thing else . . I asked because in the first images the animation was difficult to see, because I couldn’t see where the eye-brows were and, so on . . It could also be cool if you gave her a hat, or some jewelry, but it should be something you like, that you feel makes the model better, for you - -

I think when it comes to animating, it’s now easier to see if the animation is good, or not and, what can be improved or, enhanced and, it’s more easy to critique it and, so on - -

however, I think you should spend a little time adding the last details that YOU would like, maybe change lip-stick color, to one you like and, make some-thing you feel comfortable with, maybe a hat or, a scarf, or, some-thing, not what I want but, what you want and, then try to animate it . . Rule number 1 when making art, make sure you feel good about it, what-ever it takes, Man - - $

so, if you want the model to look more silly, give it a silly, weird hat, or change it to bright yellow lip-stick or, some-thing that makes it easier, to work with, doesn’t really matter what - - you could give her punk hair, and maybe an ear-ring you think completes the work, and makes you feel at ease, with the model, the entire thing - -

you need to finish the 3D model, so you feel good about animating it, what-ever that takes or, requires - -

Good luck, Best of Luck - –

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can i see diffuse texture?