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Hello Everyone, I’m making this thread so as to show more of the updates than the development of the other thread.
For those of you you know nothing about this game, Ayleth Of Ravenswood is first person medieval fantasy adventure taking place in the kingdom of Penryn. We are using GLSL materials and pushing Blenders Game Engine to the max. We have wide open environments that are still under construction, Castles, village’s, and lots of differant types of enemys in the works. These pictures are still early on in development, so please keep that in mind.

Game Progress Report: Ok, the things we have going now is
One: Walking, that had to be worked on for a while to allow walking up steep hills and not effect the camera to bounce around, very helpful for First Person.
Two: Things like jumping, sprinting, and crouching are now working, croching now allows you to actually walk under objects.
Three: Attacking was in a working order, but currently isn’t due to the fact that new things are being added and changed, will be fixed soon.
Four: Working weapons, Sword is working, but is being reconstructed, bow and arrow are working as of now. Dagger is being worked on, but is not yet working, fists have not yet begun.
Five: Day and night transition is currently working, a few bugs to work out yet but is well underway.

The starting story as created by our project lead Doug Turner(3dmedieval)

Excerpt from The Chronicles of Leofrick, Scribe to Terrowin of Ravenswood
Ayleth, Huntswoman to Lord Terrowin, came to Ravenswood in the autumn of 1247. Black haired and beautiful, she immediately caught the eye of many of the guardsmen, but showed no interest in even the most valiant among them. She spent most of her time in the forest, alone but for her pet raven, Rowan. She hunted, set her snares, and ranged far afield, learning the lore of the hills and woodlands.
She would come to me often, with fresh tales to be written down. At first they were of the ordinary sort, poems and songs learned here and there, and I indulged her. Truth be told, I was glad of the friendship, and began to look forward to her visits. After a while however, her stories became disturbing - rumors of missing women, taken in the night. She reported what she had heard to Lord Terrowin, but he made little of it. So Ayleth began to investigate on her own, disappearing for days at a time.
For some months, there was no fresh news, but then one evening she found me in my study. Two disappearances in Briarwood, a village a day’s journey away.
The next morning, two guards who had been out on patrol returned to the castle with a dead body and a man who told a dreadful tale. He had witnessed the murder on the Ravens creek bridge. Two heavily armed men he’d never seen before had simply ridden the man down, for no reason. After they’d made certain of their work, they had ridden off, back across the bridge and into the forest. When he was certain they had gone, he’d run straight for Ravenswood castle, and encountered the guardsmen.
The body was laid out in the crypt, and Terrowin summoned Fendrel, his physician, and Ayleth. There was not much to be learned. A brutal murder, to be certain, but who had committed it and why? Terrowin asked Ayleth to quietly continue her investigation. She was well known and liked in the surrounding villages, and none knew the region better.
She left that morning…

And heres some pictures.

Hope you enjoy, more updates and pictures are to come.
Website: http://www.aylethgame.com/


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Thanks for the comment, landscape environment is still very WIP yet though, even today I repainted all of the stencles, the old ones were causing me a lot of issues.

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