Ayrton Senna

Hi guys! I made this in memory of the Brazilian hero, Ayrton Senna. I hope you like it.

do more like this

Thanks nikitron! I will keep working! =)

Wow, top notch - really good. Also brings back a lot of memories!

great Job!!!

excelent work…


good portrait… very good presentation, likeness is close, but eyebrows are wrong, he had more straight ones, and ears too low. but, i really like the portrait, it has a good feeling.

Thanks Guys.
doris: I will fix it. Thanks for your comment.


thank you for sharing, it’s helpful.

Really great work.

The only critic i would say is that the eyes do remind me more of the eyes of his famous rival, Alain Prost, than his own.
I liked to follow their duels on televised grand prix, they were my favorite drivers.

Thank you for the timelapse, it’s really great and plenty to learn from them

E ai Marcel, ficou muito foda esse sena ai velho, tu é bom pra caralho…parabéns!!!