Aztec - Escape from Volcano Island - Is Back!

Hello everyone.

I am in the design process of a new game I came up with a few weeks ago. I am working on drawings of bad guys, props, and the levels. Right now I have 3 levels sketched out and will soon post images as soon as I scan those and color them in illustrator. I did a few versions of the main character and today I came up with this poster. Its shrunk down and in low res for this forum post. I will upload a better one later.

The game is based on a small island with 3 levels as I said before.

Level 1 will contain crab monsters and skeleton pirates. You start out with a spear that will be swung. It takes place on the beach where our hero Aztec just ship wrecked. The boss on that level is a big crab monster who will give him his bow.

Level 2 will be inside the volcano, here there will be fire lizards who poke their head in and out of the rocks shaped like little volcanos, and small scorpions. You will have the option in level 1 to pass up fighting the Boss, but if you do, you will not recieve the bow and arrows for level two. Making it much harder to beat, since the fire lizards will be spitting lava balls at you. The boss on this level is a larger Scorpion who has fire for pincers. The reward for beating the boss is a scorpion sheild and a bone sword.

Level 3 is based in the trees. These large trees house savages who hate people intruding on their land. They will do everything from attacking you with arrows to throwing spears. Look out for trap doors they will drop you from the tree top and you will have to climb back up at the beginning. You will have to fight your way to the top of one of the trees to cut the bridge cable leading to the boss for this level. Once you have beaten the boss of this level you will recive 2 Ores and continue on to one of the savages boats waiting on the other side of the island.

Game over.

I have a good 10 pages of sketches so its alot to clean up and scan. I will try to get more to you guys soon.

My objective here is to design and model everything first. Then I will deal with the technical stuff later. Visually I want a stunning game. You can catch me on irc #gameblender sometimes to get inside info :wink:

Looks great. Good idea scetching everything out before you start.

Sounds like a really good game. Just about the right size that would be fun but still completable.

My objective here is to design and model everything first. Then I will deal with the technical stuff later.

I would think about the technical issues early on if it were me. You may find the models don’t work with the technical aspects otherwise. I’ve been working on this adventure game a couple months and I only have enough models to work out the technical aspects of the game. Of course, the characters in an adventure game have to be able to do about anything so maybe it’s apples and oranges.

I respect the game engine. I know its limitations. I also know mine :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done quite a few games already. My objective here is to create nice looking levels and models. I would be happy to do that and that alone at this stage. One thing I hate is getting ahead of myself.

I appreciate any feedback guys :slight_smile: , Im back to work.

First of all good luck with your project!
The poster looks good. Will the game graphics be in the same toon style?
I’m interested in how your project will develop, so i’ll watch this thread.


Ok I got the crabs scanned in and I did one this morning in illustrator.

whatcha think?

Ok, more work this morning. I did the boss for the 1st level.

next up is the skeleton pirates and beach props. Stay tuned.

great planning, efficient production and cool concept sketches…
-not that im a fortune teller but I see great success in this game…

Would be great to see some progress .)))

Im working on it. My line of work, College football is a big deal ( My company designs T-shirts for all the college football bowls) so we had a work party today to watch all the big games. So today was kinda busy for me.

I do have a new image I will be posting tomorrow of the savages. Also working on the map.

If you have blender 2.25 check out my older games.

Marioworld and Sonic world. You can open them in the new blender, just not play them.

Hello, back again with a small update.

I thought I would show you guys and gals how I come up with these concepts.

First I scan my handdrawn sketch into photoshop and adjust the brightness and contrast untill all my lines are seen. I save as whatever the image is of.

Next, I import the scan into illustrator and begin to trace with the pen tool, creating a base black layer for the lines and all black color. Then I trace all the color items staying close to what I sketched.

After I trace all my color items I bring them all to the top layer. If I feel like it needs it, I will put a black stroke around the color items to give the look of more defined lines around the detail areas. I hide the sketch layer and here is what I get.

I will be done with this in another hour or so worth of work.

Normally I will use CS2’s Live Trace tool. In this case I will hand trace the image with a fine tip black marker and scan a clean image into photoshop. After importing into Illustrator, I use live trace to make my objects instead of doing it all by hand. I then clean up any stray points and straighten out a few here and there. Then I color and group all similar colored items. The final result is like the first image in this post. Here is the sketched and traced version. You can see how similar the final image came to looking like what I had in mind on the original sketch.

So keep checking back and I will try to post more how-to info if I get some more free time.

Happy blending.

whoa pretty cool way of making concept art… looks better than a bunch of unorganized sketches and you can you them for advertising! thanks for sharing…

Ok, I decided to use this older model I did a few months ago for the savages on the island.

I just need to make a new mask for him and erase the face. This should cut the poly count down alot.

Also I got the sketches for the tree village started, I should have those posted soon.

looks like an interesting game :smiley: will be happy to see the outcome!

Well done .))))

Ok I did a quick scketch up of the levels.

The first level is outside where you see our hero getting off his broken ship.
Then inside the volcano to fight the fire monsters
And last to the tree village of the savages and a new row boat on the other side of the island.

So, will the game be in 3D mode (meaning you’ll be able to walk “everywhere”) or 3D graphics in side-scrolling mode.
What are you doing next?

Cool .))) I’m looking forward to see progress!!!

Damn i want this game .)))

Question: how are you going to do your water effects?

Zazu - its going to be fully 3d, Since I dont want to push the frame rate limit I will make all 3 levels seprate with scene changes. If you look at the map I posted you will notice the cliff wall seperates level 1 from 3, level 3 is higher and I will put a few trees for looks on the edge of the cliff. Level 2 is inside the volcano so that is easy for a scene change. Level 3 will be in the trees and level 1 will be seen from the tree tops in low poly version.

Shirokoff - I am almost done with concepts, soon I will be modeling :slight_smile:

Dim, The water is going to be 2 planes each with the same water texture (top one transparent) but one will be angled 45 degrees and slightly moving from side to side. There will be no waves or anything like that. I am putting alot of focus on the island itself. I like this question because water is the hardest thing to do. ( There is a cool way to make water waves in photoshop, Here is a quick test I did in about 5 minutes, its 100% tileable.
Thanks for the intrest guys, I have been trying to find something to do untill I get my new quad cpu next year so I can continue with the crosswalk project. I will keep going on this if you guys keep intrest :slight_smile: